събота, 31 март 2012 г.


Hello friends!
Today I wanted something stamped on my nails. And here is what I`ve done ->>>

I`m so sorry I couldn`t catch the real colour which is soooo nice. It`s Flormar Supershine 04 and it`s soft orange creme with gold shimmer.

Maybe the third pic shows its real colour so I`m showing it to you in a larger size ->

And zoomed with the decoration ->

Nice colour, great in two coats.
For the decoration I chose this stamping plate ->>>

Yes, it`s from Bundle Monster, as you`ve already seen it. I used white Konad paint to make the stamp. But that didn`t seemed enough to me and I decided to make some orange dots over the white ones, only smaller. And the result is much better :) Bubbly, ah? :)

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    1. Youre welcome!
      I wanted to let you know that Ive picked you for a day in my homage month and I would love for you to check out my post here:

    2. Well, I have to say I`m impressed! :) Great work of you! :)

    3. I was wondering if you wouldnt mind following my page?

    4. Of course I don`t mind. I would love to :))) And I already did it :)