петък, 6 април 2012 г.

Elephantastic pink :)

Hello everyone!
I`ll show you a few pictures of different designs but with the same polish- OPI 'Elephantastic pink' :

This one I made yesterday on my friend`s nails. Two coats of the polish for the french and three coats for the middle and ring fingers. The decoration is all hand- painted with black acrylic paint.
Next one is not on my nails, as well ->>>

Shorter nails, so the french in one coat of the polish is perfect. As for the decoration, I already made a post how to do it here.

Next one ->>>

The decoration of Marie is made with the Transfer  technique. The paws are stamped. Two coats of the polish.

And the last one is with my nails long time ago:

The decoration on my ring fingers is made with acrylic paints and the One Stroke technique.

And that`s it from me for now :) Have a great day everyone!

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