сряда, 30 декември 2015 г.

Sponged white tips and Snowman nail jewel

I used Bluesky gel polish 501 to sponge it over the tips. On the middle finger nail I applied Bluesky BLZ04.
On the index nails I sticked Snowman nail jewel.
On the rest of the nails I stamped snowflakes using Born Pretty QA58.

Christmas Candycane

One more Christmas design for this year.

I used Bluesky gel polish 501 for the white, "Red Flame" for the red, "Luxury Gold" for the gold and Vip02 for the green.
The mistletoe is made with red rhinestones and Bluesky 4D gel No.10

Red Christmas designs

Both are with gel polish on natural nails.

For this one I used Bluesky gel polish 504 as a base and 521  for the red.
The reindeer and the penguin are hand- painted with acrylic paints.

Second one is with whole polished red nails ->

The red polish used here is Bluesky A01.
On the index and thumb nails I sticked Christmas tree nail jewels.
On the other nails I stamped snowflakes using MoYou Festive collection 02.

4D lace designs

Another designs with 4D gel only this time I made lace with it.

First one is with black nails ->

I used Bluesky 518 for the black nails and Bluesky 4D gel No.1 for the lace french.

Second one is in red ->

The red glitter polish is Bluesky "Santa Red Dream".
For the black lace again I used Bluesky 4D gel No.1.

And the third one is with white french with black lace again ->

4D gel by Bluesky

This is the last scream in the nail art industry- 4D gel or plastiline.
It`s very fun to work wih it and here is the first design I made on different nails.

First are mines ->

The hat, the heart and the gloves are made with 4D white gel from Bluesky gel polish No.02.

For the base of the decorated nails I applied Bluesky CS27

The small finger and the thumb nails are made with the sweater technique- white polish (Bluesky 501) with matt top coat and then painted the elements with the polish and covered with decorative sand.
Decorative sand I applied also on the branches on some of the nails.

I added velvet powder on the gloves and the hat to make them more realistic.

Here it is on another nails and with snowflake instead of the sweater print ->

And finaly one mani with the same teddy bear and sweather elements but in black ->

I used Bluesky 504 for a base here and 518 for the black. On the index nails I sticked heart- shaped key nail jewel.

And here it is one more time in black ->

Here it is in red color, too ->

I used Bluesky gel polish 521 for the red and 4D gel No.8.

понеделник, 28 декември 2015 г.

A few Christmas designs in one post

1st design ->

Gel polish on natural nails.
I used Bluesky gel polish A80 and "Red Flame" over it for the glittered nails.
On the index nail of one hand and on the pointer of the other I painted snowflakes with acrylic paint.
The reindeers are stamped using Born Pretty BP-01.

2nd design ->

Here I used Opi- The Spy who loved me for the red nails and acrylic paints to make the Christmas balls.

3rd design ->

For this and the next one I used Bluesky gel polish "Luxury gold" for the tips.
The cat and the bows are waterdecals.

4th design ->

Again waterdecals for the decoration.

5th design ->

Again the same gold polish used for the middle finger nails. The red polish is "Red Flame"
On the index nails I placed a Snowman waterdecal and a Santa`s hat nail jewel.
On the pointer I stamped snowflakes.