петък, 28 февруари 2014 г.

Royal Blue with a Doggie


Today I`ll show you another combination of sand and regular polish only this time in blue.

The blue sand polish used here is Perfect Sand S62
On the middle and index nails we have a french in same colour but with regular polish. I used Bourjois 60 Bleu fabuleux in two coats.
And now we`ve came to the decoration. It`s a combination between stamping and hand- painted work.
The doggie is stamped using W-17 stamping plate- a plate I got from Born Pretty Store (use the code RADIG10 to get -10% discount in their store) and a doggie you`ve already seen here. I just filled in the white parts of the dog with white acrylic paint and voala- it almost looks like it`s alive! :)
On the middle finger nail I stamped two paws- one bigger and one smaller using RuiZ02 stamping plate (also from Born Pretty Store but they don`t have it anymore).

Finished the decorated nails with Seche Vite top coat.

сряда, 26 февруари 2014 г.

Pink Sand and Butterflies

Good evening!

I decided to paint my nails in sand polish because I haven`t used texture polish from a long time.
Here is what I did ->

The pink sand polish used is from Golden Rose Holiday 63 ->
Golden Rose Holiday 63

Golden Rose Holiday 63
Golden Rose Holiday 63

Golden Rose Holiday 63

Golden Rose Holiday 63

On the middle and index nails I made baby pink french. I used Avon Pastel Pink in two coats.

Then stamped in black butterflies. I used MoYou Kitty Collection - 01 stamping plate- a stamping plate full of beautiful butterflies.

In the middle of each butterfly I placed small pink rhinestone.

And finished the decorated nails with Seche Vite top coat.


Same combination but different butterfly from the plate stamped here ->

вторник, 25 февруари 2014 г.

Step by Step Four Leaf Clover & Martenitsa

A Step by Step tutorial, just in time for the upcoming holiday here in my country- 1st of March - 'Baba Marta'. We have a tradition to give and recieve martenitsi on that day so here is one idea of making a nail decoration in this spirit.

Here is what you`ll need:
- base coat, white polish, top coat, white, black, red, light and dark green acrylic paint, regular and detailed brush.

Now let`s see the steps:

1. Apply the base coat and make the french in white.
2. When it`s dry start painting the leaves of the four leaf clover with light green paint. Make the leaf heart- shaped.

3. Paint the rest three leaves.
4. Make the handle of the four leaf clover and some thin dark green lines in the middle of each leaf.

5. Outline with black paint.
6. Make the tie of the martenitsa with white paint where you want it to be.

7. Add the red lines to make it look like martenitsa.
8. Outline it with black paint.

9. Don`t forget to apply top coat as a final step!


Hope you`ve enjoyed the tutorial and here is a sneak peek of what the next tutorial will be very soon ->

The Smurfs 2014


Today I`ll show you one decoration of the cute Smurfs I made last year only this time it will be in another colour.

Here, the french is with light blue polish- I used Julep Claire in a single coat.

Above the french I made two thin lines in yellow and white.

The Smurfs are hand painted with acrylic paints as for Smurfette I used silver and gold glitter polish to apply some on her hair and hat.

Finished with Opi top coat.

You can see another Smurfs- decoration in this post -> The Smurfs

неделя, 23 февруари 2014 г.

Just A French

I don`t think an explanation is needed here- the title speaks for itself. :)

Black & White - French & Butterflies

The classic french here is decorated with black and white butterflies.

The butterflies are stamped using Bundle Monster BM-307- I used only one butterfly of a decoration for the whole nails, and stamped it in black and white over the index and middle finger nails.

Painted some black wavy lines around them and placed a few silver rhinestones.
Finished the nails with a coat of Opi top coat.


A few days later I made the same decoration on another nails :)

And here is one pic with the nails before the uv gel refill, 6 weeks old.

Аnd one more time, another nails ->

Аnd another nails, this time without the rhinestones ->

And this time on natural nails with gel polish and only with black french ->

I used Bluesky gel polish 518 for the french and Bluesky 504 for the base.

And another one ->

Silver Sparkling Gel Polish


The first of two decorations I`m gonna show you is with gel polish over natural nails.

The sparkling glitter polish used here  is from the 'Class A' colection of the brand Bluesky and the number is A51.
It`s applied on two coats. On the decorated nails I applied Bluesky Classic 504 in two coats as a base.

I painted one stroke flowers in black and white and placed a silver rhinestone in the middle of each flower.

петък, 21 февруари 2014 г.

Glitter Gal- Electric Blue Sparkle


I`m showing you the polish used in my previous postGlitter Gal- Electric Blue Sparkle ->

Glitter Gal- Electric Blue Sparkle

It`s applied in a single coat and without top coat on the pics, but I suppose two coats + a glossy top coat would look gorgeous together! The polish itself is very beautiful and sparkling- deep blue with holographic sparkling glitters.

Glitter Gal- Electric Blue Sparkle

Glitter Gal- Electric Blue Sparkle

Glitter Gal- Electric Blue Sparkle
Glitter Gal- Electric Blue Sparkle

Glitter Gal- Electric Blue Sparkle

Glitter Gal- Electric Blue Sparkle
Glitter Gal- Electric Blue Sparkle

Glitter Gal- Electric Blue Sparkle

I got this polish from Ninja Polish and it`s too bad they don`t sell it in bigger size (this one is only 9ml.).
Anyway. The polish is a 'must have'. :)