четвъртък, 15 ноември 2012 г.

Blue Lagoon

Hello again!

The decoration I`ll show you is mixed with a few things.

First- the polish. I won this polish in a giveaway, organized from Allana from A Husband and a Dog blog. Here is my prize ->

I haven`t had a polish from that brand so I was very happy when I got it!
It`s Julep- Claire. Perfect consistance, coverage and shine! I applied it in two coats.

Julep- Claire

Julep- Claire
Julep- Claire

Julep- Claire

On my index nails I embedded silver foil and hand- painted decoration in the gel. Then I placed the Swarovski crystal in the flower, sealed with top coat.
On my middle finger nail I placed some small parts of silver foil near the cuticle area.
Rest is hand- painted work with white acrylic paint.

Love the colour! What do you think?

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