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Step by Step 'Winter Me To You'


Today`s post will be from the series Step by step tutorials and will be, as I already told you then, with the 'Winter Me To You' decoration.

Things you`ll need:

A box (I used the bottom of a jewelry box), a piece of kitchen transparent foil, top coat, white, black, grey, pink, light and dark blue acrylic paint, regular and detailed brush.

1. Place the piece of foil over the box as you stretch it gently so that the surface you`ll paint over will be smooth.

2. Apply a coat of top coat (with the size of a nail).

3. After the polish dries we start painting the bears (4 bears in our case). Make with the grey paint their heads as they`re peeking from somewhere.

4. Paint the white from their faces, too.

5. Using the pink and the light blue paint make the hats of the bears- 2 blue and 2 pink.

6. Paint the noses of the bears using the dark blue paint.

7. Using the detailed brush and the white paint draw the "fluffy" end of the hats and their pompons.

8. Outline the hats with the black paint and make their eyes and the other elements of their faces. Make one tinny white line in the upper end of the noses as their shine.

9. Using the pink and the light blue paint make the scarf of every bear hanging bellow them.

10. Outline the scarfs with black paint and cover with a coat of top coat.

If the top coat is quick drying your paintings will be ready for peeling after 20 minutes. If it`s not, wait 2 or 3 hours but don`t let them dry too much because the more the polish dries the more increases the chance to "broke" the painting when you peel it or when you apply it on the nails.

11. Use something sharp to help you peel off the polish from the foil.

12. That`s how looks the painting just after you peel it off ->

13. Cut the excess polish around the bears.

14. Apply them on wet polish as you gently press them to stick over the nail and apply a coat of top coat!

Enjoy! :)

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