неделя, 25 ноември 2012 г.

New tips

And here they are:

Most of them are just in the Christmas spirit.
I`m starting with them ->

Here we have a Santa painted with acrylic paints and a big red nose, made with acryl. :) I added a little China Glaze- Ring in the Red polish over his hat and costume to make them more sparkling.

The second one is with Snow White holdling a present in her hand.

And the third one is with french and swirls and lots of presents over them.

They are all inspired by someone.

Moving back on the first tip of the first pic- it`s dandelion (even if I think it`s not so perfect :-/ )

This dandelion, blowed in the wind, I painted for a girl she asked for.
And this is the result on her short natural nails ->

Hope you like them! :)

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