понеделник, 12 ноември 2012 г.

Snake skin

The second decoration with waterdecals is on my hands.

The polsih I used here is from Orly- 'Bailamos', applied in two coats ->

Orly- Bailamos

Orly- Bailamos
Orly- Bailamos (in direct sun)

Orly- Bailamos + waterdecals

Orly- Bailamos + waterdecals

After I polished all my nails and let them dry, I cut the waterdecals for a whole nail to fit around the cuticle area and placed them on my middle and index nails ->

Waterdecals for the whole nails

I used the smallest ones.
And then covered all nails with a coat of Seche vite top coat.

I love using waterdecals! It`s soooo fun! Especially those for the whole nails- they look gorgeous! :)

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