петък, 2 ноември 2012 г.

3D Ladybugs


I wanted to try something from the 3d tips on my nails and I chose the Ladybugs. :)

I used Orly- Rock it! for the non- decorated nails and Orly- Au, Champagne for a base colour of the decoration. Applied in two coats, both.

Orly- Rock it!
Orly- Rock it!

Orly- Rock it!

Orly- Rock it!

I made the ladybugs using red acrylic powder and then decorated them with acrylic paints.

Colour acrylic powder from

I used colour acrylic powder, brush and acrylic liquid from my favourite store- Born Pretty Store.
Click the links to get to the exact product:

They have a lot more things about nails, nail art, hair, eyes and so on great products. You have to check their store !

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What do you think about my try of 3D Ladybugs?
Hope you like them and I appreciate every comment you leave! :)

And here they are made on natural nails ->

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