сряда, 31 октомври 2012 г.

3D acrylic decorations

Hello friends!

And Happy Halloween 
to all of you that celebrate that day!

Miauuu! :)

I made some tips today with 3D decorations using Acryl and acrylic paints.

First one is just in the today`s spirit of Halloween with 3D pumpkins.
I used acrylic liquid, brush and colour powders from Born Pretty Store.
You can see them in the links below:

I used brush No. 4 from the set in the link. 
Use my -10% discount code for every item in their store- RADIW21.
It`s valid before 30.12.2012.

Using Acryl is very fun and you can be so creative at it- you can make whatever you have on mind with a little imagination.
The colour powders I used for making the decorations are in the pics- below every tip is the used powder ->

Hope you like them and have a great day! :)

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