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New from Born Pretty Store


In this post I`ll show you what new I have from our friends in Born Pretty Store.

As usual I`ll show you every item in separate picture and with direct link to their store.

There are 9 different designs silver nail art water decals for just $2.99. I love swirls and I can`t wait to try them! Here they are in closer pictures ->

I love green and blue polishes and this one is so perfect! They call it Crystal Sand because of the shimmer.
There are a lot of different colours from this type of polish so that you can choose your favourites! Some closer pictures ->

It came with a blue plastic protector over it and the plate is protected and perfect!
It looks just like Konad`s m76. Can`t wait to try the rosses! Find the plate in the store for just $2.99.

I love that type of cuticle softener- it`s very suitable with this brush, it`s easy to apply and I never damage my just- applied polish thanks to the comfortable and soft brush. And it`s so cheap- just $1.79!
There are different smells- orange, strawberry, kiwi, jasmine, aloe and so on... You choose for yourself!

I love using crystals in my nail art and theese multicoloured crystals are so beautiful! The size of each crystal is approximately 2,7- 2,8mm. The whole package includes 144 pieces Bornpretty Crystals.

You can use my -10% off coupon code when you purchase from their store- RADIW21.
It expires on 30.12.2012.

Have fun shopping! :)

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