вторник, 23 октомври 2012 г.

Soft and delicate

Hi again!

The second post for today will show you one design and something else :)

This decoration became one of my favourites because of its tenderness ->

I used Catrice LE Urban Baroque C03- 'Princess & Ballerina' for the base colour. Then Orly French tip- 'White tips' and  Rimmel 270- 'Hot Shot' for the two- coloured french.

Then I painted the lace and the flower on the index and thumb- nails with acrylic paints.
Finished with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.
I made a similar decoration on my nails with different colour and water decals instead of the painted flowers-  Oh My Glitter!

Here are the nails of the lady right before the gel refill- you can see that the decoration is still 'alive' (lol) even 21 days after!

If you want to see the Garfield decoration, click this link- Garfield

And now something else. I recieved theese days the Stamping plates Organizer from Bundle Monster that I was ordered and I`m soooo happy! All my plates are in!
It looks so luxurious -

And it handles up to 168 plates! I have 2 of the Bundle Monster sets and many other stamping plates and they`re all in!

You can find it in their store-

As I said- I`m very happy with this purchase! :)

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