неделя, 13 септември 2015 г.

Black Moon French

The last nails for now are in black.

I used Bluesky gel polish 518 and made the moon french in this style.
Added a silver crystal on the index nails.

White cats & Vintage style

Super cute nails, don`t you think? :)

Gel polish over natural nails. I used Bluesky "Pink My Valentinefor the pink nails and Bluesky 501 for the white ones.

The cute cats are hand- painted by me and placed on the nails with the Transfer technique.

I added the flower waterdecals, the dots and the hand- painted lace around the moon french and that`s it! What do you think?


Here they are 23 days later ->

Nude color nails + Indigo Mermaid Effect & gold nail

Here are my nails now ->

I used Bluesky gel polish CS27 for a base nude color. Over it but not on the whole nail, I applied Indigo Mermaid effect.

On the index nails I painted the elements first with gel paint and then covered the whole nail with gold pigment.


Here it is after 3 weeks of wearing ->

Back to school nail art

Theese are nails in school mood, perfect for the upcoming shcool day.

Gel polish on natural nails.
The polishes used for this mani are:
Bluesky gel polish 501, 504, 534, 555, A115, CS27, QXG386.
And the liner gel polishes used are Bluesky gel polish stripping pen GP02, GP05, GP06, GP07 and GP10.
Wow! Lot`s of painting work we had here :)

Two designs on short nails

Firs one is with black and white french ->

I used Bluesky gel polish 501 and 518 for this mani.

The second one is with Bluesky gel polish 504 and 536 over it.
On the index nails I painted flowers with acrylic paints.

Colorful nail art

Gel polish on natural nails.
I used Bluesky 501 for a base. The pink colour used is Bluesky neon N27 and the orange one- Bluesky QXG109.
The gold is gold pigment and the rest is hand- painted work with black acrylic paint.

Small nails- cute Me To You bears

Theese are my little daughter`s hands, polished with colour- changing polish from dear RUS ->

She wanted to have something girly- so I added the small glitters around the nail bed on the pointer, and something cute- so I painted her Me To You- a boy and a girl, which bow is painted with the color changing polish itself.

The polish gets purple when it`s cold and pinker when it`s warmed ->

Cute, isn`t it? :)

Purple french- two designs

Gel polish on natural nails for both.

For both manis`french I used Bluesky 504 as a base and Bluesky Vip08 for the shiny french.
The beautiful butterflies are waterdecals.

For the second mani, my nails, I used one more colour- dark purple creme polish for a base of my decorated nails- Bluesky DC43.
The shiny feathers are made with nail foil.

Nude color nails- two designs

Both designs you`ll see in this post are made with gel polish on natural nails.

As a main colour here, as for the next nails, I used Bluesky gel polish CS27. On the index nails I applied two coats of Bluesky "Million". And added rhinestones in the base of the nails.

For the next one I  applied over the base colour tinny white V-french using Bluesky 501. Here athe rhinestones are placed only on the index nails.

Rainbow feather nail art

I used sand gel polish for the pinks- Bluesky SR45.
On the index and thumb nails I painted feathers and covered them with neon pigments.