четвъртък, 31 май 2012 г.

Ylin Mood Polish 4

Hello everyone!

The last untried mood polish for now is already on my nails :)
It`s from the brand Ylin and it`s number is 06.

It`s from our frineds in Born Pretty Store. Don`t forget to check their store and find lots of things you`ll love! And don`t forget to use my -10% off coupon code- RADIW21. You can use it unlimitted times til the end of the year :)
Now for the polish- you know I love mood polishes and this one is so beautiful colour- coral red when it`s cold and soft light pink when it`s warm.

Here are the usual pictures of my mani:

Cold ->>>

The transition ->>>

Hot ->>>

The "curtain" in the decoration is made with the polish itself and the other is hand- painted with acrylic paints.
You can buy your Ylin polish HERE.
I had more things in this nail mail from Born Pretty Store, that I`ll show you in some pictures :)

Beautiful waterdecals ->>>

And little diamond glitters ->>>

And that`s it for now. Have a nice day to all of you! :)

PS. Here is one picture with one of the nail decals ->

And a picture with the diamond glitters :)

вторник, 29 май 2012 г.

dear RUS mood polish 4

Hello friends!

I keep showing you my mood polishes, that I adore! And this is not the last, believe me :) I have one more to try soon, but its from the brand Ylin. And this one I`ll show you right now is from the other Korean brand dear RUS.

The number is LAD553 and it`s very beautiful blue polish- dark blue when it`s cold and light blue which seems to me like light purple.
First, I wanted to make different decoration, that`s why I polished my nails with it and only the ring finger nails with Orly- Au Champagne!

Without top coat on the pic.
But then I took the Champagne off and polished all my nails with the mood polish. It needed only 2 coats to cover perfect.

Here are the pictures, as usual:

When it`s cold ->

The transition ->

When it`s warm ->

I made the decoration using one of my favourite stamping plates- a Konad m65 look- like and white Konad stamping paint. 

I already showed you a similar decoration but in Baby pink. I just love theese circles. 

Here is a decoration I made theese days only on much longer nails. Beautiful, don`t you think?

Catrice 850 Aretha`s R-E-S-P-I-N-K

Big part of the decoration here is hand- painted, because the plate covered only the half nail LOL. But the final result is good, I think.

петък, 25 май 2012 г.


Hello friends!

Today I`ll show you one of my favourite colours!

The polish is from the turkish brand Pastel and its number is 68. Great turquoise colour!

It`s thick enough even in one coat, but I apllied two and without top coat on the picture.
I made a french on my ring finger nails so that I can make a decoration in the same colour like the polish. I painted a flower using same colour but acrylic paint and added some elements and dots around it.
A coat of Seche Vite top coat applied and my nails for today are done! :)

Hope you like them! :)

Here it is on langer natural nails again ->

And on shorter with french ->

вторник, 22 май 2012 г.

dear RUS mood polish 3

Hello everyone!

I will not talk again how I love theese mood polishes and I`ll just show you the pictures of this beauty :)

The polish is again from dear RUS and the number is LAD554. It`s very strange colour which I can`t describe- something between purple and brown (when it`s cold).
Here are two pictures with and without flash ->>>

With flash
Without flash

And here are the pictures, as usual, first one with the polish when my hands are cold ->

Here it is, captured with the transition ->

And one picture when my hands are warm and the polish is light brown ->

A few words for the decoration as well- I made something like butterflies on my ring finger nails, using white acrylic paint. Then added Swarovski crystals which I have from Born Pretty Store (don`t forget to use my -10% off coupon code if you decide to buy something from their store- RADIW21).

And that`s it from me for now! Have a nice and calm day to all of you (yes, I mean calm because of the forced earthquake that we had this night :( I hope I`ll never have the same feeling again in my life!!! Thank God we are alive! ).

събота, 19 май 2012 г.

dear RUS mood polish 2

Hello friends!

I`ll never stop saying that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mood polishes!
And here is the further evidence ->>>

This is the second polish I bought from that brand, but isn`t it just gorgeous? I love the effect it makes and I love the colour combination of the both colours.
It`s from the Korean brand dear RUS and the No. is LAD561.
Here is one closer picture of the polish when it`s purple and without top coat ->

And one closer of the french effect which you may see from time to time ->

I applied the polish in two coats although the colour is thick enough even in one coat.
So here is what your nails will be when your hands are cold- beautiful purple colour <3 ->>>

One picture of the transition, as usual :) ->>>

And here is the effect of the polish when your hands are warm- it turns pink :) ->>>

And finally, a few words for the decoration- I made it only on the ring finger nails over the polish and I used only acrylic paints to paint the flowers. And a coat of top coat applied.

I think I`ll get other colours of theese Mood polishes, too. I LOVE them! <3

петък, 18 май 2012 г.


Hello friends!

As the summer is near, I start thinking of some fresh and summer fruits and that`s why I made this decoration :)

The polish I used suits perfectly to the decoration because it`s Essie`s Watermelon- great red polish with pink undertone.

The polish is thick enough even in one coat but I applied two for best results. On the other nails I made a french and then I painted some watermelons using the polish itself and a few acrylic paints.
Here is one closer picture of the polish ->

A coat of Seche Vite top coat and that`s it! :)

Here are some old pictures where I`ve used the same polish ->>>

Decorated with BM-205 stamping plate and white Konad stamping paint.

Also stamped, but the plate does not have a brand name :)

сряда, 16 май 2012 г.

Ylin mood polish 3

Hello friends!

As you may seen I love mood polishes and especially Ylin`s Mood polishes. That`s why I`ll show you the third one I have from that brand ->>>

It`s Ylin Mood Polish No.1 and it`s from my favourite on- line store- Born Pretty Store!
Find the polish HERE.
Don`t forget to check it for a chance to find lots of things for nails and not only nails :)
And don`t forget to use my -10% off coupon code when you buy from there- RADIW21.
Don`t forget,as well, to subscribe for my first giveaway for a chance to win 3 items within $20 from Born Pretty Store.

Here is one closer picture of the polish when it`s cold and the colour is magenta ->

And here are the pictures with the whole manicure:

When it`s cold your nails will look like that ->

One picture of the transition ->

And when your hands are warm the polish will look like that ->

I love it mostly in magenta! 
For the decoration on my middle and ring fingers I used only acrylic paints. I made the gradient with a flat brush and the One Stroke technique and then painted the other elements.

Hope you like it! :)