петък, 31 май 2013 г.

One Stroke Flowers


Today I`ll show you  a decoration I made long time ago, but I haven`t post it here till now.
It`s the same type but on two different people`s nails.

Here we have a classic white french and then One stroke flowers in white and magenta.
Then just added the black elements and the white dots.

But the next one is with coloured french and it`s in pink ->

Here, we have this one stroke flower only on the index and thumb nails. And on the others- the black elements above the french.
The pink polish I used for the french is Flormar Supermatte M116.

Old but beautiful, I think. :)

четвъртък, 30 май 2013 г.

Flowers & Butterflies

Hello everyone!

Today`s post will be with a gentle decoration on short nails.

If you think I was wrong as I wrote "Flowers & Butterflies" and you only see flowers on the nails, here is one pic to prove I`m right  :) ->

Now you see the whole picture. :)

First I made a tinny french in white on the decorated nails and in pink on the others. The pink polish I used is from Opi- Elephantastic Pink in one coat.
And I made white dots above the pink french.

As for the decoration- it`s all hand- painted with acrylic paints. The flowers are made with the one stroke technique.

And finally covered with a coat of Poshe top coat.

сряда, 29 май 2013 г.

Waterdecals + hand painted wok


I just changed my nails look and here it is ->

The flowers, as you can see from the title, are waterdecals. I got them from my favourite store- Born Pretty Store.

I don`t use waterdecals often because I like the hand- painted work but when we have a combo between waterdecals and hand- painted- well, that`s what I`m talking about! Easy to do and very stylish and nice!

You can find the waterdecals in the link bellow and their pattern number is 5.

1PC Nail Water Stickers Decoration Nail Art Decals Manicure—12 Patterns

The price is $2,03 for a sheet with 28 flowers on it. I think the price is so cheap for that beauty! They are easy to apply and you can use your imagination (as I did) and create fabulous designs!
You can see the other cool stuffs that Born Pretty sell, choose what you want and get the free worldwide shipping they offer. Also use my -10% off coupon code for discount- RADIG10.

Back to the decoration.
I made a classical french mani and then using only black and white acrylic paints, added the other elements.

Finally covered with a coat of Seche Vite top coat- my favourite one!

And I`m very happy with the result! 
What do you think? Do you like using waterdecals and do you decorate them in addition or just let them alone on your nails?

Step by Step White- pink flower


Today I have a step by step tutorial to show you. 
It`s for a design you`ve already seen here.

First of all, let`s see what you`ll need:

-base coat, top coat, white polish, transparent glitter polish, a piece of aponge, little silver glitter sheets, white, black and pink acrylic paint, flat and detailed brush, white pearls for decoration.

And here are the steps ->

1. Apply the base coat and then sponge the tips with white polish.
2. When the polish is dried, start making one stroke flower in white and pink as you let the pink colour inside.

3. Apply the glitter polish over the flower petals.
4. Outline the petals with black paint as you stretch and bold them in the end, as it`s shown on the pic.

5. Make some small white dots where the bolded part is.
6. Place a white pearl in the middle of the flower and surround it with the glitter sheets.


Apply top coat!

вторник, 28 май 2013 г.

Blue Lizard


I haven`t wrote for a few days but that was because I haven`t got nothing new to show you.
Now I have a brand new and cute decoration- lizard.

It`s inspired by another nail artist.
I made classic white french on the nails where the lizard is and blue french with white dots above on the other nails.
For the blue I used Julep- Blue Lagoon in only one coat.

Then came the fun part with the lizard.
It`s all hand- painted with acrylic paints.
Here is one closer pic ->

Covered with a coat of Poshe top coat.

Do you like the final result?

неделя, 26 май 2013 г.

Pink and Net

Hello all!

The decoration I`m going to show you is a combination between sponging, stamping and painting. :)

First I sponged the pink polish on the half nails- I used Flormar Supershine 32.
Then using the Bundle Monster BM-209 stamping plate and black polish I stamped the net on different places of the nails.
And here came the painting part. I made one stroke flowers in pink and white and leaves.
A little black dots here and there and the design was ready.

And here it is on a tip, together with two more tips- first one you can see on nails here and the second one here.

Soon I`ll post a Step by step tutorial of making the second design, so don`t forget to follow my blog if you want to know when it will be posted.

Have a good evening all!

Neon Butterflies and a little surprise!

Hello beauties!

Today I`ll show you one nail decoration you`ve actually already seen here. Only this time the butterflies will be in two colours.

If you read the previous post with this decoration you already know that the polish I used for the french and for some of the butterflies is China Glaze- Flip Flop Fantasy.
Here is the new element- the bright yellow butterflies are made with Perfect S21 over white base.
And I think it became so fresh and sunny!

Now for the little surprise I told you in the title. I won a $20 sunglasses E-voucher to Firmoo but as it turned out I can`t use it in my country, I`m giving it to one lucky reader! So the first who write me a comment bellow with his country and email gets the code! Be sure to check the countries they deliver to so you won`t be dissapointed later. The code will expire in 25 days so don`t be late.

Have a nice Sunday! :)


Here are simillar butterflies with the same polish, only here we have the whole nails painted in China Glaze- Flip Flop Fantasy.

събота, 25 май 2013 г.

Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 109


Another review post is on its way, only this time the review will be for a polish.
And that polish I recieved from Polishinail Shop.

Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 109

Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 109

I really like that polish from the Jolly Jewels collection by Golden Rose. Light pink milky base with lots of small magenta and white glitters in it. I applied it on two coats.

Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 109
Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 109
Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 109

Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 109

Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 109
Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 109

You can find the polish as you click the link bellow ->

You can use the code RADI-8 to get -8% lower prices and don`t forget they have international shipping.

Now for the decoration ->

First I made a french and then using white and pink acrylic paints and the one- stroke technique I painted the flowers. Outlined the petals with black paint and made the other elements. Then just added the small white dots and covered the whole nails with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Click the pic bellow to go to the shop and see the other items they sell ->

*Products provided for review*

Another nails, same decoration but on other fingers ->

KKCenterHk Tiger transfer foil - review


In this post I`ll show you a transfer nail foil I got from KKCenterHk for review.

I chose the tiger pattern E27 because it looks very interesting with theese sparkling silver parts of the foil. Its length is 150cm and it came in a plastic box so it couldn`t get smashed.

They sent me a transfer foil glue as well.

You can buy the nail foil only, for the price of $7,69 or buy it together with the glue for the price of $12,00.
Click the link bellow ->

N.NAIL Wild Tiger Bling Patten Nail Foil Transfer

I applied the nail glue first on the parts of the nail I wanted the foil to be- the whole index nail and diagonal french on the others. Then waited the glue to become transparrent- this is the sign that the glue is ready for using the foil- it gets from white to transparent and it stays sticky.

Then I applied the foil and pressed it gently to the nail (used an orange stick to stick it everywhere).
And when I took the foil off the pattern stayed on my nail ->

You can find this nail foil along with other gorgeous designs as you visit KKCenterHk. They sell not only things for nails but beauty related items as well. And they have worldwide shipping!
You can use the code radi-d to get -10% discount of the items prices. (the code expires on 31.01.2014)

*Products provided for review*