неделя, 19 май 2013 г.

French & white flowers

Hello my friends!

Hurry to show you one simple and tender decoration  I just made. I was inspired by another nail artist. It`s so gentle and white- it can be used for brides, too.
Here it is ->

What do you think?

I made simple white french using Orly- French tip- White tips.
And then painted the flowers with white acrylic paint. Outlined them with black paint and added the swirly lines bellow them. 

Then I placed a Swarovski crystal in the middle of the biggest flower and silver glitter in the others. A little glitter next to the lines, too and the design was ready.
Finished with a coat of Poshe top coat.


1. Here it is on shorter nails and a little bit diversified ->

2. *Аnd another one:

3. Aaaaand another one, this time decorated only on two nails :-D

4. And one more time, made especially for one bride :) ->

5. *One more time the same ->

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