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Step by Step Corset with Lace


In the last post for now you`ll se a Step by Step tutorial on how to paint your nails with a corset with lace.

Corset with lace

Now let`s see what you`ll need:

- base coat, top coat, black glitter polish, black and white acrylic paint, detailed brush and dotting tool.

And here are the steps:

1. Apply the base coat and when it`s dry make the two sides of the corset with the black polish.
2. We start making the lace. In the upper end of the corset make some half circles next to each other using the black paint.


3. Make the lines  in every circle as it`s shown on the picture.
4. Add the other elements and your lace is ready!

5. Outline the two sides of the corset with white paint and make the dots.
6. Add the ties with black paint and underline them with white.

7. Cover with top coat and the design is ready!

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