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Upcoming reviews

Hello again!

I couldn`t resist not to show you what nail mail I recieved yesterday from the lovelly Anne from Polishinail Shop ->

There are 9 polishes from the brands Moyra,  Kinetics and Flormar Supershine Miracle.
In this post I`ll show you each polish in different pic and on a display but as soon as I can I`ll make review of every single bottle of them- they are all GORGEOUS! <3
Thank you, Anne!
Here we go with the Moyra polishes- 5 shades in total:

Moyra No.52
Moyra No.99

Moyra Pastel shades No.601

Moyra Suede effect No.505
The holographic Moyra No.43 ->
Moyra No.43

And in direct sunlight ->
Moyra No.43

And here they are on a display (the holographic is in only one coat, others are in two coats) ->

Next are the two bottles from Kinetics ->

Kinetics KP163 Divine

Kinetics KP179 Cuture Cherry

And on a display (two coats for 163 and three for 179) ->

And last the two Flormar Supershine polishes from the Miracle colors collection ->
Flormar Supershine Miracle colors U06

Flormar Supershine Miracle colors U28

On a display (two coats both) ->

Check out the Polishinail shop and look what other lovely polishes (and not only polishes) they have. They ship international. And use the code RADI-8 to get -8% discount from the items prices.

You can visit their Facebook page as well.

And don`t forget- the reviews are comming soon so stay tuned! :)

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