четвъртък, 16 май 2013 г.

Born Pretty stamping plate RuiZ02


I`m here with a review of one stamping plate from Born Pretty Store- RuiZ02

Find it in the link from their store for just $2,99 and with free shipping ->

1pc Nail Art Stamp Template Cute Snoopy Small Footprint – RuiZ02

RuiZ02 stamping plate

I stamped most of the pics on the plate, but all of them came out perfectly and easily.
And here they are, one by one:

Snoopy with glasses ->

Snoopy with a heart ->

Heart baloons ->

Smelling or sleeping (I don`t know exactly what he`s doing lol) Snoopy ->

Big and small paw ->

If you want to buy yourself this stamping plate or anything else for nail art or beauty cosmetics, don`t waste your time and visit the updated site of Born Pretty Store.
I`m sure you`ll love it!

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