неделя, 12 май 2013 г.

I ♥ Paris!

Hello eveyone!

How are you in that sunny sunday?

A friend of mine is going to Paris next week for a trip, so I made her a thematic mani :)
It`s inspired by the net.

For the base I sponged Avon- Pastel Pink (I use it often theese days lol).

Then over it we have an Eiffel tower, fashion cats- couple and hearts, hearts... All painted with acrylic paints. On the thumb nails we have a different element- a cup of hot and aromatic coffee, you`ll see it below.
I added some white and fluffy clouds around the Towers with white paint.
And of course- the inscription 'Paris' on the pointer nails above the hearts.

Covered with a coat of Poshe top coat!

Have a nice trip, dear! :*

*EDIT: And here are the nails right in front of the Eiffel Tower! 

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