неделя, 26 май 2013 г.

Pink and Net

Hello all!

The decoration I`m going to show you is a combination between sponging, stamping and painting. :)

First I sponged the pink polish on the half nails- I used Flormar Supershine 32.
Then using the Bundle Monster BM-209 stamping plate and black polish I stamped the net on different places of the nails.
And here came the painting part. I made one stroke flowers in pink and white and leaves.
A little black dots here and there and the design was ready.

And here it is on a tip, together with two more tips- first one you can see on nails here and the second one here.

Soon I`ll post a Step by step tutorial of making the second design, so don`t forget to follow my blog if you want to know when it will be posted.

Have a good evening all!

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