сряда, 29 май 2013 г.

Step by Step White- pink flower


Today I have a step by step tutorial to show you. 
It`s for a design you`ve already seen here.

First of all, let`s see what you`ll need:

-base coat, top coat, white polish, transparent glitter polish, a piece of aponge, little silver glitter sheets, white, black and pink acrylic paint, flat and detailed brush, white pearls for decoration.

And here are the steps ->

1. Apply the base coat and then sponge the tips with white polish.
2. When the polish is dried, start making one stroke flower in white and pink as you let the pink colour inside.

3. Apply the glitter polish over the flower petals.
4. Outline the petals with black paint as you stretch and bold them in the end, as it`s shown on the pic.

5. Make some small white dots where the bolded part is.
6. Place a white pearl in the middle of the flower and surround it with the glitter sheets.


Apply top coat!

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