петък, 17 май 2013 г.

Pink Flowers- a collaboration post

Hello again!

Hope  you`re ready for the surprise post today- a collaboration between me and my friend Camilla, known as Cajanails. :)

You can find her on her You Tube channel ->

on her FB page ->

or on her blog ->

So here we go.
We were inspired from a design originally made by Saida nails.

Here are a few more of Cajanails` pics ->

Love the gradient she made on the non- decorated nails. Check out her You tube channel to see the making video of her mani.

And now I`ll show you mines. 
Just a little notice to tell you that you can expect a Step by Step tutorial of this decoration soon. :)

For the baby pink nails I used two polishes- one pastel baby pink- Avon- Pastel Pink in two coats ->
Avon- Pastel Pink
Avon- Pastel Pink
and then a coat of YSNY 050 ->
YSNY 050
YSNY 050
YSNY 050

I applied from this polish over the One Stroke flowers, too.
Here is one closer pic of the flowers with all the sparkle ->
YSNY 050

I won`t explain you the making of the flowers here, because as I said, you`ll have a separate Step by step tutorial soon.

Covered with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.


Here it is the same flower but in different colours and over french on natural nails ->

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