петък, 10 май 2013 г.

New plates from Born Pretty Store


I recieved my latest order from Born Pretty Store yesterday and now I`ll show you what I have.

Theese are 4 of the new stamping plates they have in their store. Every plate is $2,99 price and with free shipping from the site!

First one- Snoopy! ->

So cute pics of that doggie!

Second one- Mickey Mouse! ->

You can use the parts of Mickey and Minnie to create cute design.

The third one- scary things for Halloween ->

And the fourth one is my personal favourite! I love snowflakes and this plate has soooooo many of them! Can`t wait for the winter to try them! lol

And this is it!
If you want to have some of the plates or why not all of them, you can visit and I`m sure you`ll like much more!

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