вторник, 16 февруари 2016 г.

French with Hearts stamping

Few designs again.

First with white french ->

Bluesky gel polish 504 and 501 used here. The stamping is made with Konad m59.

And again ->

And in red ->

I used Bluesky 521 for the red french.

Me To You in Love- 2016

A few designs with this year`s edition of St. Valentine`s Day Me To You`s :)

First one ->

The red polish used is Bluesky gel polish 521.
The Me To You bears are hand- painted with acrylic paints and the rest are stampings.

The second one, again in red -> 

This time I used Bluesky gel polish QXG386 for the red.
Again hand- painted Me To You and bow nail jewels, placed on the index nails.

And the third one is in pink ->

I used Bluesky 547 for the baby pink nails and Bluesky S06N for the rose gold glitter.
This time, except the Me To You`s we have some crystals on the pointer nail.

понеделник, 15 февруари 2016 г.

Some "Hesrt"- designs for St. Valentine`s Day

First one ->

I used Bluesky gel polish 909 "Lollipop" for the hot pink nails.
The hearts and the swirls are painted with black acrylic paint and filled with dry glitter.

The second design ->

Again "Lollipop" used here with a coat of BLZ04 over it.
On the decorated nails I applied 504 + 546 as a base.
The previous year I made this decoration in red.

The third design ->

And again "Lollipop" used as a moon french here.
On two nails by hand I made colorful neon hearts using neon pigments from Mack`s Professional.

The last one is with simple french with heart on the index nails ->

My cute Panda nails

First I painted it on a tip. And then I decided to make it on my nails.
So I used Bluesky gel polish A47 for the mint base.

The panda and the bamboo are hand- painted with acrylic paints.
For the paws I used gel paint and the acrylic powder to make them look velvet.

And here it is 23 days later ->

Turquoise velvet flowers

Gel polish on natural nails.
I used Bluesky gel polish QXG794 as a base.
Then, using Bluesky 501, QXG794 and DC112 I painted the flowers and covered them with transparrent acrylic powder.

Point Painting- Owls


I`ll show you one design, made with only dots. I painted owls :)

The polish I used is Mack`s Professional Holographik gel polish No.14, applied as a moon french.
On the decorated nails I used Bluesky gel polish "Pink My Valentine" as a base.