сряда, 31 юли 2013 г.

Lilac Sand & One Stroke Flowers


Tomorrow I`m going on a vacation and you won`t see nothing new from me for the next ten days. 
That`s why I couldn`t leave you without showing you one more beautiful decoration. :)

I stopped my mind again on sand polish, only this time the colour is purple.

This beautiful lilac shade is from the Sand collection of the brand Perfect and its number is S64.
Applied in two coats, without base and top coat as every sand polish I wear on my nails.

Perfect sand S64

Perfect sand S64

Perfect sand S64

Perfect sand S64

Perfect sand S64

Perfect sand S64

Perfect sand S64

Now for the decorated nails. First, I made the gradient french using light and dark purple acrylic paints.
Then, covered the french with a coat of Flormar Supershine Miracle U28- click the link to find it in Polishinail Shop. You can make international orders and use my code RADI-8 for -8% discount prices.

Flormar Supershine Miracle colors U28
Flormar Supershine Miracle colors U28
Flormar Supershine Miracle colors U28

And then I painted the One Stroke flowers using vanilla and dark purple acrylic paint. Outlined them with black paint and made some black leaves around them.
Covered the decorated nails with Seche Vite top coat.

And that`s it. I hope you`ll like it and you won`t miss me in the next 10 days. I promisse to make new beautiful decorations once I return from my vacation.
In the meantime- take care! :)


One more mani with this decoration ->

And one more ->

вторник, 30 юли 2013 г.

Colorful Pastel Circles

Hello again!

This time I`ll show you a decoration using waterdecals from Born Pretty Store.

But first- the polishes used. They are also from Born Pretty Store and theese are BK Hello Kitty 27 and BK Hello Kitty 33, applied in two coats for both.

You can buy the polishes from the link bellow ->

12ml Bk Candy Color Fluorescent Neon Luminous Nail Art Polish Glow In Dark

(use the code RADIG10 to get -10% discount)

I definetely shall buy some more colours from that polish- I love them. They` re opaque enough even in one coat! Plus, they are luminous. :)

Now for the decoration. I used theese waterdecals ->

Find them in their store in the link bellow ->

Nail Water Decals Sticker Transfer Sticker Colorful Half Round Ring Form Y108

(use the code RADIG10 to get -10% discount)

Covered the nails with a coat of Poshe top coat.

And here they are before the UV gel refill, 27 days old ->


Here they are again, a year later ->

Flip Flop Butterflies

Hello friends!

As you may guess from the title of the post, the nails I`ll show you now are polished with China Glaze- Flip Flop Fantasy- the EVERGREEN for the summer! :)

Those of you who had seen the polish in real life know that the colour is so bright and neony and a little hard to catch on camera. Well, you`ll see for yourself in the next pics. lol

You can see the same butterflies in different colours in this post.
They`re painted with the one stroke technique.
And added some black elements on the other nails.

Covered with a coat of Poshe top coat.

And in the pic bellow, you can see the nails before the refill with 25 days old decoration of the Summer Me To You.


One more mani with the same polish and butterflies but on shorter nails ->

неделя, 28 юли 2013 г.

Step by Step Black square french and strawberry


I`m very regular theese days with the posts in the blog but that is because I`ll be going on a small vacation from August 1st till 10. Theese are the days that you won`t see postings from me and I`ll leave you to take a break from me for more than a week. lol
But on today`s post. I`ll show you a step by step tutorial as you` ve seen in the title of the post.

You probably remember this decoration from this post -> Black French and Strawberries
Now let`s see what we need to make it:
- base coat, top coat, black nail art polish, acrylic paints in theese colours- black, white, red, pink, yellow and dark green, red rhinestones (if you want), regular, flat and detailed brush.

And now the steps:

1. Apply the base color and when it`s dry  outline the lines of the square french with the black polish.
2. Fill in the french with black polish.

3. Now let`s start the strawberry. Using the red paint make a hearty/ strawberry form and fill it in with the paint.
4. Using the one stroke technique and white and dark green paint make some leaves above the strawberry.

5. Outline the strawberry and the leaves with black paint.
6. Make the seeds of the strawberry with black paint.

7. Add yellow paint over the black seeds.
8. Using the pink paint make some thin lines around the seeds till you fill the half of the strawberry.

9. If you want, you can add a red rhinestone in the upper free end of the nail.
Apply top coat.

Hope it`s useful to you! :)

събота, 27 юли 2013 г.

Pink Sand and Colorful Daisies

Good evening all!

A new decoration showed up and that`s why I`m posting a second post for today.

The pink sand polish is Golden Rose Holiday 63, applied in two coats.

On the other nails I painted daisies in light colours- blue, pink and purple, using acrylic paints.

The decorated nails are covered with a coat of Poshe top coat.
Here is one pic without flash ->

And for now, I`m telling you to have a great evening! :)


Here it is on short natural nails ->

French, Flowers, Swirls

Hello everyone!

After all theese weeks wearing nothing but sand polishes, today I decided to apply something non- sandy on my nails. And here it is ->

I`m in mood for swirls theese days as you can see from my previous posts. :)
That`s why we have swirls and here.
But first, the polish. 
It`s BK Hello Kitty 33. It`s a little greener indeed but on the pics it looks like blue...
I applied it on the french in a single coat.

BK Hello Kitty 33
BK Hello Kitty 33
BK Hello Kitty 33

BK Hello Kitty 33

The brush is flat and so easy to work with and it dries really quick.

It`s a luminous polish which means that the more it stays in direct sunlight or under a lamp, the more brighter it will light. I haven`t had much time to stay in the sun, but here are two pics of it ->

BK Hello Kitty 33 in the dark

BK Hello Kitty 33 in the dark

You can find the polish at Born Pretty Store together with 40 more colours to choose from for the price of $4,99 for a bottle of 12ml.
Click the link bellow to find the exact item in their store and don`t forget to use my code RADIG10 to get -10% discount.

12ml Bk Candy Color Fluorescent Neon Luminous Nail Art Polish Glow In Dark

And that`s it for the polish. 
I painted one stroke flowers with acrylic paints on the accent and middle finger nails. Outlined them with black paint and painted the other black elements- swirls, on the other nails.
Covered with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Have a nice weekend, my friends! :)


Here is the same design on shorter nails ->