понеделник, 30 април 2012 г.

Net & Flowers

Hello friends!
I`ll show you one decoration that I really love. I have it on tips from a long time, and I wanted to make it on nails and now I made it.

I used Moda 233- the polish is pink jelly with lots of gold shimmer in it. I applied 3 coats to be enough opaque.

It`s great in the sun and on a lamp. Here is one picture where you can see the shimmer clearly ->>>

The decoration I made using acrylic paints and the One Stroke technique for the flowers and leaves.
Here is one picture on lamp ->>>

It looks a lot similar to China Glaze`s Strawberry Fields Forever :)

събота, 28 април 2012 г.

A lovely secret

Hello friends!
I`ll show you today one great purple polish from Essence Colour & Go series. 

The polish is "A lovely secret" which suits a lot to theese tender spring flowers :)
It`s light purple creme polish with soft shimmer finish.

Closer look where you can see the shimmer
Perfect in two coats and without top coat on the pictures above.
The decoration I saw somewhere in internet, but I don`t know who made it so I can`t say who inspired me. But I thought it will fit perfect with this polish. And I made it, using acrylic paints and the One Stroke technique.
 I added some glitter at the beginning of the non- decorated nails and a little below the flowers. I used Essence special effect toper No.11 Disco disco ->>>

A coat of Seche Vite dry fast top coat applied and my nails were done! 

I really like the result- so tender and fresh for the spring. Hope you like it, too :)

четвъртък, 26 април 2012 г.

New polishes! :)

Today I`ll show you what I bought yesterday from OPI  :)

NL B73, DS 023, NL I32

Yes, theese three bottles made my day! :) I`ll show you one by one with closer pictures of the polishes.
The first one is Overexposed In South Beach. It`s great shimmery purple from Opi`s South Beach collection Spring/Summer 2009->

NL B73
NL B73- close up

Next one is DS jewel from the Designer Series of Opi. This polish is so difficult to describe... The colour is brown/ coppery/ pink with pink and gold microglitters ->

DS 023
DS 023- close up

And the last one is Cara Mia Crimson, which reminds me a lot of China glaze`s Strawberry Fields, only the Opi has fewer gold shimmer.It`s from the Opi`s Italian Collection 2001 and part of the Classic Collection. It`s red/ pink coral with shimmery finish. ->

NL I32
NL I32- close up

Old, but nice colours though :)

сряда, 25 април 2012 г.

dear RUS mood polish

Hello friends!

I really like the colour changing polishes and that`s why I polish my nails with this type of nail laquer very often theese days :) Only this time, the polish is a little bit different. It`s from the Taiwan`s brand Dear RUS and the number is LAD557

The colour is emerald when my nails are warm and light purple when it`s cold. The polish itself has between pearl and soft shimmer finish.

I love the colour when my hands are warmed! <3 <3 <3
Next photo is with the transition, as usual ->>>

And one with the cooled nails :) ->

I bought the polish from Bulgarian online store

I love theese chameleon nails that I have- they are different in every single minute :)

As for the decoration- I made classical french on my ring finger nails and then painted some flowers with acrylic paints and the One Stroke technique.
A coat of Seche Vite dry fast top coat applied.

What about you? Do you like/ have any colour changing polish?

понеделник, 23 април 2012 г.

Hot chocolate


I`m in a mood for stamping theese days, so today`s decoration on my nails is with stampings as well.

But first- the polish. It`s from the new ones of my favourite brand Catrice- 720 "Bruno Brownani" :) You know, their new colours, new brushes.. Great brush! I`m making the oval easier with it. The colour is dark brown creme which reminds me of hot chocolate :)

The polish is thick enough and it`s perfect in two coats. I have to note that it`s without top coat on the pics (only on the pic with the stamping it has a top coat). Great  shine and fast drying. I didn`t have to wait after I polished my nails to put the stampings. It was alredy dried :)

For the stampings I used a stamping plate from the Konad look- like ones- m73.

And this Catrice` polish, which I have from a friend abroad ->>>

It`s from the limited edition collection "Welcome to Las Vegas"- C03 Star Of The Show.
One closer picture to see the multicoloured sparkles in the stamping ->>>

And that`s all for today, my friends! Hope you enjoy it! :)

събота, 21 април 2012 г.

Partly cloudy

Hello friends!

Today the weather outside is partly cloudy and this made me try the next decoration :)

First let`s start with the polish I used- it`s baby blue creme polish from the brand Just U. The number is 04. I have this polish from a long time and I really like the colour.
I applied two coats for full coverage.

Without top coat on the pic.
It makes some stripes which can`t be seen after the top coat. 

As for the decoration- I used this Konad m79 look-like stamping plate that I have from Born Pretty Store. As I`ve said so many times- I love this store! They have low prices and lots of things you could buy. Free shipping, very fast delivering and kind people who work out there for this store. I`ll remind you my -10% off coupon code which everyone can use in this store till 30.12.2012- RADIW21 .

The plate is perfect, as you have on mind it`s not real Konad. The designs are so easy to do and I had no problems using the clouds :) You can buy the same plate from here. I`m planing to try the other designs soon, too.
I made the whole cloud design on my ring fingers and part of the clouds on my other nails.
I used white Konad paint- the best white for stampings for me.
A coat of Seche Vite top coat and my sky nails are done! :)

Hope you like it and don`t forget to visit Born Pretty Store! :)))

петък, 20 април 2012 г.

Ylin mood polish 2

Yesterday I recieved the two more colour changing polishes that I purchased from Born Pretty Store. As I was pretty much happy with the first one I decided to have two more :) And of course I`m happy again and with the new ones. I defenetely recommend you this store, because they`re kind and really fast delivering. Low prices are preference. Great choice!
I`ll remind you the -10% off coupon code if you want to use it in Born Pretty Store- RADIW21 . It`s valid for every item till 30.12.2012.
Ok now, let`s move on with the review ->>>

If you read my blog you already know the brand Ylin with my first review of that type of polish. 
Only this time the polish is pink/ white coloured. It`s pink when it`s cold and white when my hands are warm.
I`ll show you the pink one first ->>>

Really nice colour of pink, don`t you think?

Next one is with the transition ->>>

Here is the time to note that you have to apply this polish more carefully if you don`t want to see stripes when it gets white, because the polish is more watery. I recommend 3 coats for the best result. I applied two and I see the stripes on my pointer. But they only can be seen when the polish is white/ my hands are warm.
Here is a picture with my both hands warmed ->>>

It dries a little slow, but I solve the problem with Seche Vite dry fast top coat! :)

I took some interesting pictures during it`s colour transition ->>>

A few words for the decoration I chose- I used black (and a little white) acrylic paint and detailed brush to paint the lace on my middle and ring fingers.

And that`s it! What can you say about this gorgeous mood polish? I think my nails look so tender in that colour. Don`t waste your time, ladies, and order yours from Born Pretty Store!

сряда, 18 април 2012 г.

Black Matte

Hello everyone!

I wanted to make my nails matt today and I decided to polish them with Moda Matte 100.

I wanted to stamp something over them but I don`t know why it didn`t work so I made a french look over the black matt using top coat.
The polish itself is verry thick and could be applied more precisely even in one coat. I applied two.

The last pic is in "the sun" athough there is no much sun today :-/
Hope you like the result, because I don`t like it much... I don`t like black polishes on my nails and maybe that`s the reason. Anyway, I`ll change it as soon as I can :) Have fun, my friends!

понеделник, 16 април 2012 г.


Hello my friends!
Today I decided to polish my nails in GOSH Holographic- the greatest holographic polish I`ve ever had!

As I`ve said- I love holographic polishes and I have much of them only from Catherine Arley, but this one is GORGEОUS!!!

Some people say you don`t have to use base coat with this polish because it`s difficult to apply (or you have to use water base), but I applied a coat of Avon`s Mineral Fix, let it dry and then applied two coats of this beauty ->>>

My nails are soooo sparkylicious in the sun :)))
One closer picture of the rainbow it makes ->>>

On my ring finger I applied the polish in diagonal. Then I made the flower and the other elements using acrylic paints. One sparkling glitter dot in the middle of the flower. And finally, of course, a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

I took one picture on lamp and without the focus to show the rainbow in it ->>>

I can`t stop watching my hands in the sun!!! What about you? Do you like holographic polishes?

I`m adding one picture with my toes, polished in the same polish, a year ago ->>>