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BK Hello Kitty 33 - review

Good morning, ladies (and maybe gentlemen?)

Hope you`re made yourself comfortable because I have a new polish swatch to show you today.
As you can guess, it`s another one from the BK Hello Kitty glowing in the dark polishes I got from Born Pretty Store.

BK Hello Kitty 33

Find it in the link bellow under No.33 ->

12ml Bk Candy Color Fluorescent Neon Luminous Nail Art Polish Glow In Dark

Please note that it`s in only one coat and my nails are not so small :)
Without top coat on the pics, but as I already told you- recommend its usage with a top coat so the surface would look glossy.

And here it is after I light it for a few seconds under the lamp ->

Remember- the more it stays in light, the more bright it will glow.
I haven`t say anything for the brush in my previous post so now I`ll show it to you- it`s flat and very comfortable to make the oval ->

Overall: dry time- perfect, coverage- great, the colour- needless to say- GORGEOUS!!!

Go see the other 40 colours(41 in total) from the BK Hello Kitty luminous polishes (swatches of BK Hello Kitty 27 ) as you visit Born Pretty Store (click the pic bellow to go to the store). Use the code RADIG10 to get -10% discount of the prices.
International free shipping!

*Products provided for review*

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