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Step by Step Yellow neon french and flowers

Hello friends!

I think I haven`t posted a Step by Step tutorial from a long time, so here it is.

The decoration is well- known for most of you who read my blog.
You can find more pics of it on nails here .
But now on the tutorial of how to make it.
The needed things are:

- base coat, top coat, yellow neon polish (and white polish if you want to make the neon more bright), acrylic paints (white, black, pink, magenta, light and dark green), regular and detailed brush.

And the steps:

1 and 2. Apply the base coat and when it`s dry make the yellow neon french (or apply white polish first, as I did to make the yellow colour even more bright).


3. Using the pink paint make the petals of the flower and a flower bud bellow it.
4. Make some long leaves around the flowers using the light green paint.

5. Outline one side of the leaves with dark green and make some small lines in their base.
6. Outline the petals of the flower and the bud as it`s shown on the pic ->

7. Make some thin black lines in the middle of the flower. Add a little black and on the petals` end.
8. Make some small white dots in the middle of the flower and the bud as stamens.

Apply top coat and you`re ready to glow! :)

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