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New from Born Pretty Store

Hello there!

I hurry to show you the content of the package I recieved this morning with my last order from Born Pretty Store.
I just love this store!

Probably the thing that catch the eye mostly is the colourful and bright bracelet. I`m in love with it. I don`t know why I postponed buying it so long as it blowed my mind in the minute I saw it.
Anyway, I`ll didecate a whole post to this beautiful bracelet and now I`ll just give you the link to it in the store ->

1pc Cute Sweet Colorful Weave Chain Bracelet Bangle

This is something you MUST have if you`re bright colours- lover.

Next are the cute blue owls that are peeking in the back.

Earring Ear Stud Fashion Retro Blue Rhinestone Owl Design

Unfortunately, I just saw they were low priced and of course after that- out of stock so you can`t buy them right now but I`m sure they`ll have it back in store soon.

And the last thing from the first pic are theese cute and fresh waterdecals ->

Nail Water Decals Sticker Transfer Sticker Colorful Half Round Ring Form Y108

Theese cute half round rings are the perfect decoration for summer! And there are a lot of them on the sheet.
Find them in the store for the price of just $2,86 and a worldwide free shipping for every item.
You can also use my coupon code RADIG10 if you want to get -10% off of the items prices.

I`m very happy with their customer service so I recommend this store with my both hands up!

And don`t forget that the next post will be dedicate to the colorful bracelet so don`t miss it! :)

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