понеделник, 3 юни 2013 г.

Cats and Dogs

Hi there!

How are you today?

Nothing new from me on the horizon till now so I`ll show you some old but funny decorations of cats and dogs.

First one is with cats- meow! :)

All hand- painted here with acrylic paints. The french is made with Rimmel - Misty Jade.
I have this design on a tip from long ago ->

Also you can see it made on stilleto nails here.

Love theese unusual cats with lots of swirls on them!

Next one is with a doggie ->

The pink polish here is Avon- Pastel pink.
Again all hand- painted with acrylic paints.
I first made it on a tip, covered with velvet powder ->

Cute, isn`t it?

And last I`ll show you nails with paws- you can choose wheather theese are from cat or from a doggie. :-D

The pink polish is from Rimmel from the 60 seconds series- Portobello pink
And the paws are stamped with a stamping plate B32.

And that`s it! 
I love cats and that`s why you see them often as a decoration in my nails decorations.

Wish you all to have a lovely week!

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