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KKCenterHk stamping plate m46


I`m back from the small vacation I was on and I`m back with a new things to show you.
In this post I`ll show you two stamping plates sent to me from KKCenterHk for review.

The one on the left is from the silicone stamping plates that are new for me- I`m still training on them. That`s why I`ll concentrate my attention to the second one in this post. But this will be later, now more pics of the silicone one - A20 ->

You can find it in their store as you click the link bellow ->

The price is $8,65 and as soon as I try it I`ll show it on nails, too.

Now for the metal stamping plate - m46 ->

It came with a stamper and scrapper (which in fact is sold out already) ->

N.Nail Mini Size Iron Scraper & Size Stamp Set
And here is what I made on my nails using the image with the swirls which caught my eye at first sight ->

I first made the french using nail art striping tape for the missing lines. Then added the glitter in one side of the nail- I used Models OWN Blizzard ->


And one closer pic ->

Now back to the stamping plate.
I found difficulties in taking the whole image with the stamper, because the middle part of the image looks a little shallow than the other is. Here are all images from the plate and you can see that exactly this one I have on the nails isn`t the whole image ->

Love the cats, too.

You can find the plate in the link I gave you for the price of $5,05.
Use the code radi-d to get -10% lower prices (the code expires on 31.01.2014).
They have worldwide shipping and lots of  nails and beauty- related items.

*Stamping plates provided for review*

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