петък, 28 юни 2013 г.

Moyra Neon Matte effect 702 - review

Hello there!

I`ll show you another polish from the Moyra Neon matte collection I got from the international selling shop Polishinail shop.

Moyra Neon Matte effect 702

It`s something between orange and pink but more pinker. As it is a neon polish I couldn`t catch the real colour. :-/ It has a rubber finish and it is without top coat on the pics. Two coats were needed for fully coverage.

You can find Moyra Neon matte effect 702 as well as other polishes from that brand as you visit Polishinail Shop. Use the code RADI-8 to get -8% discount of the prices and use the next link to go directly to that polish I showed you ->

You can aslo see a swatch of  Moyra Neon matte effect 701 here.

*Products provided for review*

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