сряда, 19 юни 2013 г.

Perfumed Nails

Hello everyone.

I`ll show you a brand of polishes I use for the first time but I`m very pleased with it!
It`s Peripera P049.

It`s light purple shimmer polish and as you can guess from the title of my post- it`s perfumed. It smells like violets or flowers- very sweet smell. The polish is thick and if you have shorter nails you can apply one coat only.
Theese are my mom`s natural and long nails so I applied two coats of it.
The brush is huge and flat. And the cap- this was the thing that made me order a polish of this kind- a cute golden cat! I love cats and I could not resist not to have this treassure in my collection.
It dries something like matte so I applied a top coat over it.

On the index and thumb nails I painetd one stroke flowers over french.

Do you have polishes from this brand?

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