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Born Pretty Silicone Stamping plate A04

Good morning all!

Today I`ll show you a type of stamping plate I use for the very first time. That`s why my attempts are not really good but I gues practice makes perfect. :)

Here is the link where you can find it at Born Pretty Store ->

Nail Art Stamp Silicone Printing Template Colorful Flowers Pattern #A01-A04

There are 7 designs on this plate, as you see. I liked the snowflakes most. I`m used to using the other type of stamping plates- you know- the ones with the scrapper and stamper... And this was something new for me.
I have to try it again soon because I have to train myself. :)
Here are the four designs I stamped in seingle pics ->

This product is selling from a few weeks in Born Pretty Store and they have lots of designs you can choose from. And it`s very easy to use. Here is what they say about its usage ->

1. Apply base coat or regular polish on the nail.
2. Apply the nail polish to desired image within a plate.
3. Use toothpicks to scrape needless polish off quickly. (That is what I didn`t do as you can see from my stamped images lol)
4. Stamp the image on your nail with a gentle rolling motion. The image is transferred on your nail.
5. Repeat the above steps for all of your nails.
6. After stamping nail art, apply top coat for lasting wear.

The price of this stamping plate is $3,99 and you get free worldwide shipping as well.
You can use my code RADIG10 if you want to have -10% discount items prices.

*Products provided for review*

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