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Moyra Neon Matte effect 701 - review

Hello again!

This time the post will be with a review of the first polish from the Moyra Neon Matte effect collection I recieved from Polishinail Shop.

Moyra Neon Matte effect 701

As it is neon jelly it needed three coats for full coverage. As you can see, it has a rubber finish- without top coat on the pics.

I tried it over white base too and here is the result:
-pointer and middle finger nail- 2 coats of Moyra 701 over white base;
-index and little finger nail- three coats of Moyra 701 ->

The dry time was really fast so you have to be quick applying it.
Find it in the Polishinail Shop which sells worldwide.

They even are on sale at the moment so you save money.
Use the code RADI-8 if you want to save more money and get -8% discount of the prices.

And look out for the rest four of this collection that I`ll make swathes of theese days.

*Products provided for review*

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