неделя, 16 юни 2013 г.

Ice Cream Nails

Hello again for today!

I just polished my nails and there was no way I`m not showing you this sweeeeetness! 

Ice Cream!
Perfect for the summer, I was inspired by a polish to make this. And the polish I`m talking about is Etude House PK001 from the Ice Cream series.

It`s applied in two coats although it`s very thick and if you have shorter nails you can do it with only one coat.
I even think I`ll pour a little thinner in it next time, though it`s its first usage.
The brush is flat and very comfortable. The dry time also is good as you have on mind that I always use dry fast top coat because I don`t have time to wait the polish to dry itself (I didn`t use for this one). And have on mind that this is applied in two coats, it was completely dry when I finished with the pics I took.

I have to tell you that it`s without top coat and it`s very shinning! I applied a Seche Vite top coat only on my index nails where the decoration is.

As I said decoration- I pinted the yummy ice creams, inspired by Maggix nails, using only acrylic paints.
And for the black french I used one coat of Brooklin 2.

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