петък, 7 юни 2013 г.

Step by step French and white flowers

Hello everyone!

Today I`ll show you a step by step post with a design I already made on nails and you liked it. :)

Let`s see what you`ll need:
- base coat, top coat, white polish, silver glitter nail art polish, black and white acrylic paint, regular and detailed brush, rhinestones.

And now the steps:

1. Apply the base coat and when it`s dry make the french with the white polish.
2. Start making the flower with white paint in the upper end of the nail.

3. Around the big flower, make a few  petals of smaller ones.
4. Outline the big flower with black paint as it`s shown on the pic ->

5. Outline the other flowers same way.
6. Add the thin black lines in the base of every petal.

7. Make some half- round lines in the spare space bollow the flowers.
8. Place a rhinestone in the middle of the big flower and some silver glitter in the middle of the smaller flowers.

9. Make silver glitter lines between the black ones and cover with top coat!

And one pic with the whole beauty of the design on nails ->

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