понеделник, 25 март 2013 г.

Hot Pink French


The decoration I`m going to show you now I thought I have showed it earlier but I couldn`t find it anywhere so I gues I `ve been just thinking to show it LOL
Nevermind, here it is ->

First, I made the hot pink french using Kiko 313.
Then I painted the one stroke flowers in pink and magenta - a whole flower for the middle and thumb nails and half of a flower with two buds on the index nails.

Then I painted the pink swirls on the other nails and applied some silver glitter in the middle of the flowers.

Finished with a coat of Poshe top coat.

And here are the nails before the UV gel refill with 23 days old- decoration  ->

You can see it brand new here -> Notes and Hearts

And here are the other varieties of same hot pink decoration but made long ago and used Opi- Don`t know... Beets me! for the pink:

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