вторник, 5 март 2013 г.

New polishes from Catrice


How are you today?
We have very sunny day here, in Bulgaria, and I went shopping for...polishes :)
I saw the new polishes from my favourite brand Catrice and I couldn`t resist not to take some of them.

I liked more colours and I`ll definetely take some more.

The white one is from the Limitted Edition collection Siberian Call C03- Sky And Snow.

Catrice LE Siberrian Call C03- Sky and Snow

I tried it over black polish and I was WOW from the result! Lovely!

The light purple polish with gold shimmer is 30 Lilactric.

Catrice 30 Lilactric

The one on the right is gorgeous blue- purple polish and I really like the name- 15 Denim Moore. LOL

Catrice 15 Denim Moore

And the last one from the picture- the dark purple one, has discreet blue shimmer- 14 Purple Reign ->

Catrice 14 Purple Reign

Love the new look of the bottle`s cap with the name on top ->

From left to right: C03 (over black), 14, 15, 30

What do you think?
Do you like the new colours?

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  1. I laughed at Denim Moore :D:D:D It's def my favorite and not only because of the name.

    1. Me too :D They always choose names that will make you at least smile if not laugh :) Love that brand!