понеделник, 11 март 2013 г.

Yellow And Green Neons


Today I was in mood for neons :)
So I decided to make that sugar effect on my nails I already did a while ago (Neon Glitters), only this time I used yellow and green.

I decided to apply the glitter on different nails on both hands so that they`ll be more colorful.

So on my left hand I placed the sugar effect on my index(green) and thumb(yellow) nails.

On the other hand I placed it on my thumb(green) and pointer(yellow).

I first applied neon polish in the same colour then on the wet polish I spread the same colour glitter.

Brooklin F5

On the other nails I made two- coloured gradient french in green and yellow using the One Stroke technique. And then painted the black elements with acrylic paint.

Covered the french nails with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Now I have two request for you:
They are both for supporting me in two different contests if you like:

1st one- Nail World Facebook contest - "like" the page first and then my pic.

2nd one- Chameleon Stampede contest - scroll down to the pictures and hit the star bellow my pic No.1

Thank you very much in advance!

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