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New from Born Pretty Store

Hello again.

I just uploaded the pics of the new products I recieved yesterday from Born Pretty Store and now I`m going to show you what has come ->
New  from

As usual you`ll see the direct links of the items from the store and detailed pics.

No. 5, 19 and 21
Nail art foil  from

And here is how they look outside the boxes:
Nail art foil  from

There are 24 different colours and patterns you can choose from. Each box contains 1 nail art foil 113cm(length), 2.5(width) and costs $2,99. It can be used as on natural nails so as on gel or acrylic nails.

Stud rhinestones box  from

Stud rhinestones box  from

There are 12 different shapes of stud aluminium plated rhinestones in one box.
Here are the shapes:

Stud rhinestones  from

The whole box price is $4,89.

Cute panda ring from

Cute panda ring from
Cute panda ring from

I love this cute panda! <3
It`s made of alloy and rhinestones. As you see, the ring is not adjustable and the diameter is 1,8cm.

Cute panda ring from
Cute panda ring from

Cute panda ring from

The cute ring is selling for $3,99.

Flocking velvet powder from

There have to be one bigger box with flocking powder, but mine was separated in two smaller boxes.
But that`s not a problem at all! :)
The set contains except the powder, flat tweezers and brush as well. I already have two different colours from the velvet powder (hot pink and baby pink) and this is my third colour.
I love the effect it makes althought it`s not so longlasting.

Flocking velvet powder from

The price of this set is $7,99.

Visit Born Pretty Store and see what they could offer you.
I`m sure there are lots of things there that you`d love to have.
Use my code to get -10% off and international free shipping.

And that, my friends, is all from me at this moment.
Hope you like what you just saw.
Happy weekend!

*Products provided for review*

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