събота, 10 март 2012 г.

Favourite flowers

I`ll show you one design that become favourite for many of you. It can be make in every colour as you`ll see for yourself :) But I`ll stop my focus on the first one ->
Here, as you see, the flowers are the important thing that catch the eye, but I`ll show you the grey polish I used, as well. Miss Sporty is the brand and the No. is 420 (2 coats again). Beautifull dark grey polish with soft shimmer.
The flowers are all hand painted with acrylic paints but you may use the base polish (the dark grey in our case) and make a few flowers in the same colour. I made them with paints and added a little glitter in the middle to make some sparkle.  Here you can see a step by step video tutorial of that type of flowers but in another colour combination->

And here are some pictures in another colour combination but with the same design:

Catrice Purplelized

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