неделя, 31 март 2013 г.

Velvet lines


I`ll show you what I tried to make with flocking velvet powder and nail art striping tape, both from Born Pretty Store.

First, I polished my nails with blue polish. I used Perfect 134. When the polish was completely dry, I started sticking the striping tape which I was cut before ->

You can find such nail art striping tape as you click the lin bellow:

You get 12 colours of striping tape for just $1,90 and free shipping!

Back to the decoration. After I stick the tapes as you see on the pic, I applied a coat of clear polish only between the two tapes, in the middle. And then, using the tweezers from the set, I applied the velvet powder on it immediately.

Removed the left non stick powder using the brush from the set and then removed the tapes as well.

And this is the final result, no more top coat needed.

You can find the flocking powder set (+tweezers and brush) in the link bellow:

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And don`t forget about the free international shipping!

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  1. It looks amazing, i did a similar thing but the velvet stayed on the nails only one day :( Any suggestions how to make this velvet effect longer lasting

    1. Здравей Симона! За съжаление този ефект си е краткотраен, няма трик, който да го задържа по- дълго на ноктите.