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French, Flowers, Swirls

Hello everyone!

After all theese weeks wearing nothing but sand polishes, today I decided to apply something non- sandy on my nails. And here it is ->

I`m in mood for swirls theese days as you can see from my previous posts. :)
That`s why we have swirls and here.
But first, the polish. 
It`s BK Hello Kitty 33. It`s a little greener indeed but on the pics it looks like blue...
I applied it on the french in a single coat.

BK Hello Kitty 33
BK Hello Kitty 33
BK Hello Kitty 33

BK Hello Kitty 33

The brush is flat and so easy to work with and it dries really quick.

It`s a luminous polish which means that the more it stays in direct sunlight or under a lamp, the more brighter it will light. I haven`t had much time to stay in the sun, but here are two pics of it ->

BK Hello Kitty 33 in the dark

BK Hello Kitty 33 in the dark

You can find the polish at Born Pretty Store together with 40 more colours to choose from for the price of $4,99 for a bottle of 12ml.
Click the link bellow to find the exact item in their store and don`t forget to use my code RADIG10 to get -10% discount.

12ml Bk Candy Color Fluorescent Neon Luminous Nail Art Polish Glow In Dark

And that`s it for the polish. 
I painted one stroke flowers with acrylic paints on the accent and middle finger nails. Outlined them with black paint and painted the other black elements- swirls, on the other nails.
Covered with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Have a nice weekend, my friends! :)


Here is the same design on shorter nails ->

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