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Step by Step Black square french and strawberry


I`m very regular theese days with the posts in the blog but that is because I`ll be going on a small vacation from August 1st till 10. Theese are the days that you won`t see postings from me and I`ll leave you to take a break from me for more than a week. lol
But on today`s post. I`ll show you a step by step tutorial as you` ve seen in the title of the post.

You probably remember this decoration from this post -> Black French and Strawberries
Now let`s see what we need to make it:
- base coat, top coat, black nail art polish, acrylic paints in theese colours- black, white, red, pink, yellow and dark green, red rhinestones (if you want), regular, flat and detailed brush.

And now the steps:

1. Apply the base color and when it`s dry  outline the lines of the square french with the black polish.
2. Fill in the french with black polish.

3. Now let`s start the strawberry. Using the red paint make a hearty/ strawberry form and fill it in with the paint.
4. Using the one stroke technique and white and dark green paint make some leaves above the strawberry.

5. Outline the strawberry and the leaves with black paint.
6. Make the seeds of the strawberry with black paint.

7. Add yellow paint over the black seeds.
8. Using the pink paint make some thin lines around the seeds till you fill the half of the strawberry.

9. If you want, you can add a red rhinestone in the upper free end of the nail.
Apply top coat.

Hope it`s useful to you! :)

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