вторник, 30 юли 2013 г.

Flip Flop Butterflies

Hello friends!

As you may guess from the title of the post, the nails I`ll show you now are polished with China Glaze- Flip Flop Fantasy- the EVERGREEN for the summer! :)

Those of you who had seen the polish in real life know that the colour is so bright and neony and a little hard to catch on camera. Well, you`ll see for yourself in the next pics. lol

You can see the same butterflies in different colours in this post.
They`re painted with the one stroke technique.
And added some black elements on the other nails.

Covered with a coat of Poshe top coat.

And in the pic bellow, you can see the nails before the refill with 25 days old decoration of the Summer Me To You.


One more mani with the same polish and butterflies but on shorter nails ->

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