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Step by Step Neon Gradient and Palm Tree


We are in the middle of the summer so my decorations are mostly summer- related.
In this post you`ll se a "how- to" tutorial of making one bright neony and summer design.

If you like it and want to know how to make it, just follow the steps bellow.
It`s easy and simple.

Here is what you`ll need:
- white polish, magenta, orange and yellow neon polishes, top coat, black acrylic paint, detailed brush and a piece of sponge.

And here are the steps:

1. Apply a coat of white polish if you want your neons to be more bright.
2. When the polish is dry take the piece of sponge and apply over it from top to bottom  magenta, orange and yellow polish.

3. Apply the polish from the spomge over the nail.
4. Repeat step 2 and 3 if you want more intensive colours.

5. Using the black paint and the detailed brush make the stem of the palm tree and four branches.
6. Start making the leafs of the branches.

7. Continue with the leafs untill you make all.
8. Cover with top coat.

And you`re ready! :)
You see, easy as pie! :)

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