петък, 12 юли 2013 г.

Sand polish and Neon gradient

Hello again!

Another decoration is coming up, only this time it`s on natural nails.

In fact, the decoration could be familiar to you because you`ve seen it in my Rainbow Nails post.

Only this time I used three colours to make the vertical gradient and it`s not on every nail.
For the gradient I used China Glaze- Flip Flop Fantasy, Perfect S21 and Brooklin F5.

On the other nails we have sand polish. It`s Perfect Sand S58 - the one that everyone say it`s like a little twin-brother to the "Flip Flop"s by China Glaze. I applied it on two coats without base and top coat as it`s recommended on the bottle.
On the decorated nails I applied a coat of Poshe top coat.

And that really is all from me for today. :)


Here is the same design, made a year later and on different nails ->

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