сряда, 5 септември 2012 г.



I`ve got a Tweety bird decoration to show you today :)

Tweety nail art

I used Pastel Limitted edition 308- bright yellow shimmered polish!

Pastel Limitted Edition 308
Pastel LE 308

I painted the Tweety bird with the transfer technique, on plastic piece first. Then I placed them on still wet polish.

Tweety Nail art

Here are the hands with the opposite thumbs one by one ->

Tweety nail art

Tweety nail art

Cute little bird!

And here are the nails before the refill ->

You can see more pictures of this old decoration HERE.

Here is another Tweety mani, only this time I used Rimmel 60 seconds 450 'Sunny Days' ->

And here are the cute birds right before I place them on the nails ->

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